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Friends—Not The Sitcom

Obama does not seem to have too many friends whom I would want to pal around with. 

Some of Obama’s friends are William Ayers who according to World Net Daily was a member of the Weathermen terrorist group, which sought to overthrow the U.S. government through violence, and took responsibility for bombing the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon. 

According to CNN, the relationship between Obama and Ayers was more than casual.  Obama and Ayers worked together for years on the Woods Foundation Board of Directors.

Listen to Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of Defense at our Youtube channel.  to find out how dangerous an Obama Presidency would be.

Rashid Khalidi is a harsh critic of Israel and former Palestinian Liberation Organization   (PLO) spokesperson.  Khalidi is the Columbia University Professor who was responsible for Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia last year.    World Net Daily said Khalidi is a friend of Obama and even held a fundraiser for him. 

The Los Angeles Times claims to be in possession of a video of Obama at a farewell party with Rashid Khalidi.  The video according to the Times shows Obama praising him and speaking about how many times he has been to his house for dinner.  They claim he states he will miss his (Khalidi) wife’s cooking.   However, he’s not my friend?  You decide.

How can we trust an Obama President who will not tell us who his friends really are?

Let’s never find out.


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