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Ignorance and Arrogance

Barack Obama who wants to weaken, no gut our military defenses had said that Iran and Venezuela are just tiny countries why are we worried about them?  Obama, with passion in his voice said, he will cut investments in our defense systems.   


In an article on Time.com  Obama is quoted on several occasions repeating to major news organizations during media interviews that he will talk to our enemies without preconditions.  How can talk to our enemies without a strong military behind him?  In any negotiations, you must show strength not weakness.    

Please watch our latest video featuring Frank Gaffney, former assistant Secretary of Defense, learn about the dangers we will face as a result of an Obama Presidency.  


Obama negotiating from a position of weakness will only invite our enemies to test us.

That is what Obama’s running mate Joe Biden knows. Listen as Joe Biden says, “Obama would be tested with an international crisis within the first six-months of his Presidency.”   Biden was picked by Obama because of his foreign policy experience(?).


Showing up to negotiate without preconditions, with a weak military, is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.


With an Obama Presidency, will more American’s die in an international crisis? 


Let’s never find out.



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Whose Problem Is It?

Obama claims that it is the Bush economic policies that got us into the current housing and financial crisis. However, according to the Washington University Law School it was Barack Obama who was a plaintiff and sued Citi-Bank for not doing enough to issue mortgages to low income minorities.


When the time came for Senator Obama to do something about the financial mess and reform the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE’s) he did nothing.  Despite the warnings of John McCain, Obama and his friends did nothing.


However, according to the Non-Partisan Center for Responsive Politics, Open Secrets.org you will find that Senator Obama received the second largest contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In less than two years in the Senate, Barack Obama received $126,349 and that was only from Fannie and Freddie. 


You should watch our video “Part of the Problem” at www.neverfindout.org   to understand why Barack Obama is part of the problem and he doesn’t have a solution.


Senator Obama’s total disregard to help reform the GSE’s has helped create the devastation that led us to the biggest financial crisis in American History.  Obama is part of the problem without a solution. 


How much can an Obama President be bought for in the first 100 days as President?


Let’s never find out.


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