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Stupid is as Stupid Does

Borrowing that line from “Forest Gump,” describes Barack Obama very well.

Spending 20-years in the Christ Trinity Church of Chicago, listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright spout hatred of America was just one more of Obama’s bad judgments.

Obama claims he never heard Rev. Wright say anything hateful against America. According to a CBS News story, Wright said, Obama’s campaign told him, “It would not be a good idea for him to be in front of the cameras with Obama on the day he announces his candidacy.” That was long before the controversy erupted. What did they know that America didn’t know and when did they know it.

Obama’s campaign supporters are upset; they discovered our videos at www.neverfindout.org and believe that they are devastating to Obama’s campaign.

Barack Obama cannot be trusted to make sound decisions. Befriending William Ayers, Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan who according to the American Thinker calls Obama the Messiah is a perfect example of more bad decisions.

Will an Obama Presidency just mean more bad decisions?

What kind of President is Obama going to make if he keeps using bad judgment.

Let’s Never Find Out


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