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All The News That Fits

With an Obama Presidency we could wake up to the following news headlines.

Mohamed Atta , 9/11 Terrorist Gets Driver License.   According to an article in the
San Francisco Chronicle  that could be a headline.  You could be driving down the street next to a terrorist.

Franklin Raines Given Up and Down Vote for Secretary of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) Business Week Magazine  told us of the problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2005.  Obama has sought Raines advice on financial and economic matters.  Will he put him in his cabinet?

Obama supporters are very upset; they know our videos at http://www.neverfindout.org
are devastating to Obama’s campaign.  It is important to watch “Trust” to find out that Barack Obama cannot be trusted.

In a YouTube posted interview, former NYC, Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton, explains the connection between Khalid Al Mansour.  Mansour is the advisor to one of the richest men in the Moslem world.  Listen how he explains how Obama got into Harvard.
Obama will endanger the U.S. by making us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks by treating terrorist as common criminals instead of international terrorists.
Could we possibly see a headline saying: President Obama Establishes New Cabinet Post, “Secretary of Islamic Affairs.”  Who will that be?

Barack Obama is not a risky choice, he is a dangerous one
Let’s never find out.


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