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McCain’s Turn At Bat

This is what John McCain needs to do to hit a home run agaist Barack Obama in their last debate tonight. McCain should watch two videos at our website www.neverfindout.org . The one titled “Part of the Problem” will give him the talking points he needs to tell to tell Americans Barack Obama is part of the problem.

McCain needs to watch “Trust,” to be reminded of how dangerous Obama’s ties to terrorists are. He must be reminded of Obama’s connection to William Ayers, as reported at Politico.com.

John McCain should be reminded what World Net Daily said about Obama’s friend Rashid Khalidi a former representative for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

According to the New York Post in a speech in France, Jesse Jackson revealed Obama’s true policy regarding Israel. Obama denounced it, but it doesn’t matter you can’t unring the bell. If McCain neglects use these talking points, Obama will be President.

Let’s Never Find Out and Let Freedom Ring USA


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Think Beyond the Rhetoric

 Try to realize what the consequences of your vote will be on Election Day. 

 Try to realize how devastating an Obama presidency will be to you and your family. 

 Do you really want to wake up the morning after Election Day to find out the friend of a known terrorist and   ministers full of hatred for America is the next president of the United States? 

Let us never find out what will happen if we elect Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

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