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Let’s do Lunch

According to the International Tribune, the global addition of the New York Times Obama said that he would sit down unconditionally with Iran’s President Ahmadidejan.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Barack Obama called for “direct diplomacy, with friend and foe alike,” saying he would meet with Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers, Cuba’s Communist leaders, in hopes of advancing democracy in the Caribbean. http://www.infoplease.com/biography/var/hugochavez.html

How can Obama negotiate with our enemies when he will drastically reduce our military, reduce is saying it mildly. According to World Net Daily Obama would gut our military.

Obama’s campaign supporters are really upset; they discovered our videos at www.neverfindout.org and believe that they are devastating to Obama’s campaign.

According to CNN Politics.com, Obama was against the surge in Iraq and to this day would not admit he was wrong.

Obama acts like he could just simply call up our enemies and say, “Let’s do lunch.”

Obama you have told us you have the judgment to lead our nation’s defenses. After you get finished, there will be no defenses to lead. Nice try Senator, telling us you want to negotiate with our enemies from a position of weakness.

Let’s pray we never find out.


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