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Putting The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together— Part IV

You are lying awake with the TV remote in hand flipping channels trying to find something you would like to watch 2:00 AM.  Every channel is broadcasting another infommercial; exaggerating a product with a false promise that you know will not work for you.

So too with Barack Obama, full of false promises, just as you flip from channel to channel he flips on issues.  Like Obama’s tax cut for people earning less $250,000 then Joe Biden said it was $150,000 now Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico say’s $120,000.

Watch our video “Puzzle” at www.neverfindout.org and see what we found when put all the pieces in the Obama puzzle together.  All Americans need to view this video before they vote tomorrow.

In an article by Marc Ambinder in the Atlantic, he outlines Obama’s flip-flops.  His constant mind changing is very puzzling.

According to Ned Barnett writing for the American Thinker, Obama’s tax plan will increase every one’s taxes back to the 2000 level before the Bush tax cuts.

The worst part of his rhetoric is he is now insulting the American voter.  Obama called us selfish for not wanting to pay our fair share to distribute our wealth to others, including some who don’t even pay taxes.

His running mate Joe Biden said it is our “Patriotic Duty” to pay our fair share.

Is deceitfulness what Obama will bring to the White House?

Let’s never find out.


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