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The Final Piece Of The Puzzle.

Imagine waking up on  the morning  of January 21, 2009, reading your newspaper, only  to find out that upon arriving at the Oval Office on his first day, President Barack Hussein Obama immediately signed an executive order repealing the Bush tax cuts and reinstating the tax rates back to what they were under President Clinton.

You turn on the news to hear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is proposing a bill to raise the Capital Gains Taxes to 28%.

By noon, the Dow drops to 2,280 points.

All the rhetoric Obama and Biden expounded during the campaign are becoming a reality.   The six-month test Biden warned  us about, only took 77 days since the election.  President Obama is now faced with an international crisis.

Iran now tested a nuclear bomb it in the desert of Northern Iraq this morning.   Ahmadinejad told Israel to surrender or be their next test site, and told America to leave them alone.

William Ayers called a press conference asking President Obama to capitulate to Iran.

The President has called for the nation to pray for him and invited Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the White House, in order to give him guidance during this crisis.

All Americans need to view the video “Puzzle” at before they wake up the morning after the Inauguration Day to find out that they have buyer’s remorse.

Let’s never find out.


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Putting The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together— Part IV

You are lying awake with the TV remote in hand flipping channels trying to find something you would like to watch 2:00 AM.  Every channel is broadcasting another infommercial; exaggerating a product with a false promise that you know will not work for you.

So too with Barack Obama, full of false promises, just as you flip from channel to channel he flips on issues.  Like Obama’s tax cut for people earning less $250,000 then Joe Biden said it was $150,000 now Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico say’s $120,000.

Watch our video “Puzzle” at and see what we found when put all the pieces in the Obama puzzle together.  All Americans need to view this video before they vote tomorrow.

In an article by Marc Ambinder in the Atlantic, he outlines Obama’s flip-flops.  His constant mind changing is very puzzling.

According to Ned Barnett writing for the American Thinker, Obama’s tax plan will increase every one’s taxes back to the 2000 level before the Bush tax cuts.

The worst part of his rhetoric is he is now insulting the American voter.  Obama called us selfish for not wanting to pay our fair share to distribute our wealth to others, including some who don’t even pay taxes.

His running mate Joe Biden said it is our “Patriotic Duty” to pay our fair share.

Is deceitfulness what Obama will bring to the White House?

Let’s never find out.

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Putting The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together — Part III

Have ever been to a horror movie and had to cover your eyes with your hands?  Every time you peek at the screen, you see another horrible scene.  So too with the puzzle of Barack Obama, every time you look at it you see another horrible scenario. The scariest part is that it’s real.
Obama has been known to state that the people of small town America “cling to their guns or religion” or antipathy to people who aren’t like them out of bitterness over lost jobs.”  His statement could not have been more condescending and insulting.  It was just one more piece of the puzzle that is frightening enough to force Americans to question the fitness of this presidential candidate.
Watch our video “Puzzle” at and see what we found when we put all the pieces of the Obama puzzle together.  All Americans need to see this video before they vote.
Later in those horror movies you start to root for the good people who are going to defeat the monster.  You’ll do the same after seeing this video too.
After all, when you think of Barack Obama coming up with a plan, you should be reminded of his time in the Illinois Senate when he voted present 129 times because he could not make a decision.  If he cannot make the simple decisions, how is he going to make the big decisions as President and root out the evils of this world?
Let’s never find out.

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Putting The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together — Part II

The picture of Barack Obama is frightening enough, but when you break it down, each piece gets even more frightening. Here are some of the pieces we found:

His pastor of 20 years Rev Jeremiah Wright is blatantly filled with anti-American rhetoric, ranting and screaming “No!, No!, No!, not God bless America, G-d Damn America.”

William Ayers a confessed terrorist, worked closely with Obama distributing $100 million through a community based organization. However, Obama says, he is “just a guy in my neighborhood.” Does anyone actually believe that two people who are responsible for distributing millions of dollars could only be guys in the neighborhood?

Ayer’s bombed the Capital Building, The Pentagon and Police Headquarters in NYC. He is responsible for the death of four people.

In an article by World Net Daily they wrote how the New York Times is trying to whitewash an Ayers and Obama connection. After 9/11 Ayers told the N.Y. Times his group didn’t do enough.

Obama believes Iran and Venezuela are tiny countries that pose no threat to the U.S.

Watch our video “Puzzle” at See what we found when we put all the pieces together.

An Obama Presidency will be a dangerous one for everyone. Let’s never find out.

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Putting The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together – Part I

The pieces to the puzzle to the Obama candidacy are full of empty rhetoric and taxes. Barack Obama wants to cut taxes for all Americans earning under $250,000.  Joe Biden said we will cut the taxes of Americans earning under $150,000. Which is it?  According to The Wall Street Journal, in an article titled, “Obama’s 95% Illusion” if Obama cuts taxes he said he will send a tax refund to 40-million Americans that pay no taxes.   Watch our video “Puzzle” at to see how the pieces to the puzzle about taxes fits into an Obama candidacy.  It will disturb you.   If he gives a welfare check disguised as a tax credit to 40-million Americans who pay no taxes, the money is going to come from us hard working Americans who get up and go  to work each day.  However, that will change, when he taxes corporations who create all the jobs and are forced to lay Americans off as a result of his flawed economic policies.  It will also force companies to move overseas thereby reducing our country’s tax base.    The only guarantee we have under an Obama presidency is that it will definitely cost us more.   Let’s never find out.


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Friends—Not The Sitcom

Obama does not seem to have too many friends whom I would want to pal around with. 

Some of Obama’s friends are William Ayers who according to World Net Daily was a member of the Weathermen terrorist group, which sought to overthrow the U.S. government through violence, and took responsibility for bombing the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon. 

According to CNN, the relationship between Obama and Ayers was more than casual.  Obama and Ayers worked together for years on the Woods Foundation Board of Directors.

Listen to Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of Defense at our Youtube channel.  to find out how dangerous an Obama Presidency would be.

Rashid Khalidi is a harsh critic of Israel and former Palestinian Liberation Organization   (PLO) spokesperson.  Khalidi is the Columbia University Professor who was responsible for Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia last year.    World Net Daily said Khalidi is a friend of Obama and even held a fundraiser for him. 

The Los Angeles Times claims to be in possession of a video of Obama at a farewell party with Rashid Khalidi.  The video according to the Times shows Obama praising him and speaking about how many times he has been to his house for dinner.  They claim he states he will miss his (Khalidi) wife’s cooking.   However, he’s not my friend?  You decide.

How can we trust an Obama President who will not tell us who his friends really are?

Let’s never find out.

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90% Get a Tax Cut, but 100% Get Taxes Raised?

Obama has been going around stating that his  tax plan will reduce taxes for 90% of us.  However, what Obama doesn’t shout about nearly as much is how he’ll let the Bush tax cuts expire.  This will raise taxes for 100% of us.  


I know when I went to school and learned about percentages  – 100% means “the whole pie.”  Funny, I think Obama will be happy when the American public is giving their “whole pie” of income to support his vision of an ever-increasing government.  


Watch our video on “Income Taxes” go to to find out how an Obama Presidency can change your financial life forever with Robin Hood economics.


Let’s never find out.



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